Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change of plan!

So my scarf has turned into a collar, of sorts.  I got it to the point where it would wrap around my neck with a little overlap, and decided that I had already made one scarf, this would be perfect.  I decided to make it button to one side.

I didn't realize that this was folly until I started making the buttonhole and realized I had no idea how to make a buttonhole.  This was a problem.

So I punted.  In the middle of the cable twining (the plain space in the center, that is), instead of hdc 4, I chained 4 and worked from there.  The cables obscure the edges a touch, but I'm not overly concerned with it - I figure that should help it be more snug.

The challenge now is finding a button that'll fit that I like.  Those two things aren't always the same.  I'll post pics when it's done and a button has been found and affixed.  Woo!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I learn an important lesson

So, my scarf, right?  It looks neat, I dig it and all.

I've been going through it, thinking how strange it feels when I get to the end of the rows I'm repeating and start over.

Funny story.

I've, um, been repeating one more row than I need to.  Says "rows 3-10", not "rows 2-10".  That makes a difference, dunnit?

*pattern-reading fail*  However, it doesn't LOOK bad, and that gives me a little extra length, so . . . it could be worse.  And we've all made mistakes like that, haven't we? . . . haven't we?

Friday, September 2, 2011

The AC . . .

. . . out . . . too hot to . . . crochet . . . bleh.

That last noise was me dying, in case you were wondering.  There's been talk, you know, of the weather breaking and being less horrific.  I will believe when I feel it.

Also, I've been prowling at craftster, and dear god, all the wonderful, amazing things there!  I want to make. everything.  EVERYTHING.

Need more hours in a day, more money, more cold air.