Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scarf/hat combo!

Well, at least part of it.  I haven't done any real work on the hat yet.  It's my first time working with serious, grown-up cables, and I thought that it might be easier to get the idea of how things work without having to work in the round.

I was right.

Both patterns are off of Ravelry (the scarf and the hat), but I've obviously changed the yarns to Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted.  I love it, it's so soft and squishy!

I hate when colorways are just letters and numbers, but this one is TW16 - I'm calling it grape, so there.

The scarf is coming along - I'm having a few issues with putting it down, and then having to remember how to cable again after a few days, but other than that, it's pretty easy.  Front/back post crochet is easier than I had thought, waaaaay back when I first saw a piece of cabled crochet.

The squishiness of the yarn, however, means that stitch definition isn't what it might be.  I don't care, I'm making the scarf because I want a cabley scarf and hat, and I like the color and feel, but it explains why the pattern calls for superwash wool.  Here's a pic of the stitchwork, though it didn't turn out awesome (purple-on-purple with the iPhone camera doesn't turn out so great).

I like how it's working up, even if it does look a little clumsy.  I'm hoping to get it done in time to block it before chilly weather starts up.  It's really hard to stay focused on making cold-weather gear when it's nice out and all I want is a ball of cotton to make myself a new purse.  But I'm in love with this color and the idea of having something sassy and matched for Thanksgiving/Christmas.

It's moving, a little at a time.

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